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Campaign ManagerConversion Suite has a range of tools that can help you discover and eliminate any underperforming campaigns, enabling you to concentrate on the marketing strategies – and the potential customers – that will produce the optimal results for your business.
Testing and OptimizationFrom creating a great landing page that makes a positive first impression, to enhancing your potential customers’ visit as they click further into your website, right up to that final conversion – the Conversion Suite includes a whole array of dynamic website optimization tools to help.
Visitor SegmentationWe can help you to get to know your potential customer by creating a visitor profile, and enable you to tap into this mine of useful information to carry out segmentation. You’ll then be ready and able to deliver content that’s customized to different segments, for high-impact audience targeting.
Voice of CustomerThe beauty of a survey lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, and it also enables you to intervene in real time, at the moment it’s most needed – for example, when a potential customer is about to drop out of the conversion process – taking you straight to the heart of the most useful voice of customer data.
Integrating your website with Facebook enables you to tap into the power of social media and make the most of this incredibly detailed mine of information. With Facebook analytics you’ll be able to get to know your potential customers in an unprecedented way and to segment them usefully.
Web AnalyticsWeb analytics provides an accurate and detailed picture of the performance of your site. The Conversion Suite’s site analytics is more than simply a reporting tool – it paves the way to powerful, robust data analysis.
Behavioral TargetingThe behavioral targeting tools help you to increase your visitors’ engagement by using real-time customization. The tools create personalization rules for triggering the display of content, enabling you to automatically present personalized content designed to appeal to a certain group of customers.
Lead ScoringGiving visitors a behavior score, based on their browsing history, helps you to identify who is most likely to convert. By the time they do make contact with your sales team, you will have already built up, through our CRM integration, a valuable and detailed visit history.
Our SEO tool helps enables you to take a critical look at your site and make the necessary changes to ensure you come out on top in online searches, so that you don’t miss out on a whole wave of potential customers.
Affiliate ManagerOur affiliate tracking software helps you manage your affiliate management system from beginning to end – from providing your affiliates with the promotional materials they need to get started, through to automatically calculating their success rate in generating leads.


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Intlock is announcing the Conversion Suite at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference
June 17, 2012

Intlock is pleased to announce the Conversion Suite, a comprehensive web analytics and marketing solution designed for SMB and Enterprise websites. It offers advanced Optimization, SEO, Social Analytics, and more. The Conversion Suite enables organizations to gain full insight on their websites, their engaged users, enhances brand loyalty and more. Source: PR Newswire (