Affiliate Tracking Software

There’s an instant international sales force, just waiting to help you push your business forward. Potential affiliates all over the world are ready and willing to advertise your products and services on their own websites. It’s a win-win situation – it’s a way for affiliates to earn extra income, and it provides a whole raft of benefits to your business too. Driving more potential customers to your website from multiple sites is one of the best ways of boosting your business. It can massively increase conversions and improve your search engine optimization – and the beauty of this cost-effective arrangement is that, instead of paying for advertising, you only pay your affiliates a commission when their referral results in a sale. Being based on performance makes affiliate marketing one of the fairest sales tools, since advertising, after all, doesn’t guarantee any sales.

The Conversion Suite’s affiliate tracking software helps you manage your affiliate management system from beginning to end – from providing your affiliates with the promotional materials they need to get started, through to automatically calculating their success rate in generating leads. Our affiliate tracking software is intelligent, fast and expandable – so it will grow as your business does. It’s also user-friendly and needs no prior technical know-how. And soon you could have potential customers clicking links on kinds of websites that lead them straight to your site.

  • Provide affiliates with customized promotional tools
  • Boost your SEO
  • Monitor referrals and sales in real time
  • Automatically calculate commissions

The Conversion Suite’s affiliate tracking software provides a fully automated affiliate management system. In the first instance, it can help you to recruit affiliates, by creating a sign-up form or mini sign-up website with more information about your program. Once they’ve signed up, affiliates can access their own control panel where they can get promotional tools and view their own performance. At the same time, you’ll be able to approve or decline affiliates and monitor their statistics through your own control panel, provided as part of the affiliate tracking software.

Our robust affiliate management system helps you provide each affiliate with a range of marketing materials to promote your business, including links and banner adverts, including Flash banners – all of which can be managed through your control panel, enabling you to remain in charge of the way affiliates present your business on their websites.

One of the biggest advantages of an affiliate program is that increased traffic from multiple sources – such as the websites of your various affiliates – significantly improves search engine optimization. And by using our affiliate tracking software to expand your network of affiliates, links to your website will gradually appear on more and more web pages. Links from multiple sources are one of the most important factors contributing to a higher ranking in a search engine – but you have to choose the right format for your links. The Conversion Suite’s affiliate tracking software can help you with that, too. We can help you make sure the links your affiliates use to promote your business are search-engine friendly and do all they can to help boost your SEO. Our affiliate management system also provides various link formats, so you can choose the one that best meets your business needs. In addition, once you use our affiliate tracking software you’ll be able to get more valuable exposure from bloggers. Most bloggers will be happy to earn the extra cash from a commission and will gladly write a post about your product, including a link.

You’ll be able to monitor referrals and sales generated by your various affiliates in real time using the Conversion Suite’s accurate and advanced affiliate tracking software. Each commission that’s tracked with the affiliate management system includes detailed information, including the first and last click that led to the commission, the IP address and the page from which the visitor came to your site.

With detailed reporting capabilities, you can keep tabs on the performance of your affiliate management system. The wide range of reports we provide both you and your affiliates as part of the affiliate tracking software package means you’ll be able to make informed decisions about what’s working best for your business. You can get reports on every aspect of your program, based on any specific metric or data point with the affiliate tracking software, enabling you to see just how well your various affiliates are doing daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Every click, sale and commission is recorded, computed and displayed in real time as part of the affiliate tracking software, meaning you can always get an accurate picture of how your affiliate program is performing.

With the Conversion Suite’s flexible affiliate tracking software, all aspects of your affiliate program can be customized. You can personalize your templates and define various commission and payment settings. Our affiliate tracking software helps you to set up commissions easily. With our affiliate management system you can create as many campaigns as you want, each with different commission settings and levels, such as per click, per sale, fixed amounts, percentage and recurring sales. Our affiliate tracking software also instantly calculates commissions earned by your affiliates and you can select any payment method and the date of payment. In addition, our affiliate tracking software can automatically generate invoices, and it stores the entire history of payment details for your reference. With the affiliate management system, it’s also easy to reward your best-performing affiliates, encouraging them to work hard, while you reap the benefits of their extra efforts. You have everything to gain.

Key Benefits

  • Affiliate recruitment
  • Creation of promotional tools, including banners
  • Various link format options
  • SEO improvement
  • Commission tracking
  • Detailed reporting
  • Customizable commission settings
  • Several affiliate payment options