Visitor Segmentation & Audience Targeting

Knowing who your customers are is key to the success of your business. Armed with information about the people who visit your website, you’ll be in a position to deliver relevant, highly personalized content that will attract the attention of your potential customers, foster their loyalty to your brand, and boost conversions.

The Conversion Suite’s visitor segmentation tools put this powerful knowledge in your hands. We can help you to get to know your potential customer by creating a visitor profile , and enable you to tap into this mine of useful information to carry out segmentation. You’ll then be ready and able to deliver content that’s customized to different segments, for high-impact audience targeting.

  • Get to know your visitors
  • Powerfully segment your potential customers
  • Carry out effective audience targeting
  • Deliver impressive, personalized content

The old model of web-only analytics is slowly becoming outmoded and moving to the sidelines to make way for a much more dynamic approach. While it’s useful to have aggregate data, such as how many times a certain page on your site has been viewed, it’s important to remember that each movement of the mouse on your website represents an individual visitor, who can provide a whole array of useful data that’s just waiting to be tapped into. The visitor profile model puts the person at the heart of your analytics efforts, transforming potential customers from anonymous online traffic into individuals, and making your audience targeting efforts all the more effective. With the Conversion Suite’s visitor profile approach you can find out, for example, what country your potential customer is based in, what company they work for, and more. With a visitor profile you can also learn how a visitor arrived at your site, whether they’ve visited before, and how many previous visits they’ve made, and you can follow their path as they click through your pages. Through a visitor profile, you can hone in on a specific individual to see what actions they are taking on your website, and you can even return to see what they did on previous visits.

This invaluable visitor profile data can be grouped in a number of different ways according to a long list of metrics, helping you to better understand the demographics of your potential customers and to realize audience targeting that packs a real punch. You can carry out visitor segmentation, even in real time, based on your potential customers’ characteristics or online behavior – grouping, for example, married men over the age of 45 who live in London, or customers who have made more than three previous visits and have clicked for information on delivery costs. You can use the Conversion Suite’s visitor segmentation capabilities to analyze multiple time periods and online sessions, and it’s also possible to make use of the wealth of information your potential customers can provide through their Facebook profiles. Further information that can be used in your audience targeting strategy can come from the traffic source – for example, you could carry out visitor segmentation on potential customers who arrived at your site by looking up a certain word on a search engine.

The Conversion Suite’s sophisticated tools also enable you to carry out visitor segmentation based on cohort analytics, which lets you identify and examine a group of visitors who shared a certain experience at a specific point in time on your site – for example, you could compare potential customers who saw a certain special offer in October to those who saw it in November, while ignoring those who saw a different special offer. This kind of visitor segmentation can help you answer key business questions, helping you discover how engaged your customers are over time and whether you’re getting better or worse at grabbing their attention. It can also heighten the impact of your audience targeting strategy.

The visitor segmentation options that are available as part of the Conversion Suite’s web analytics solution can be viewed through our robust range of reporting options. It’s possible to view your segmented data through executive analytics dashboards, and to create sophisticated graphs to help you visualize your data, to look at your visitors as more than a series of clicks.

Powerful profiling and visitor segmentation ultimately help you understand where to invest your digital marketing efforts, enabling you to identify various visitor groups and find out what makes each of them tick. Your audience targeting strategy will have a much greater impact once you know, for example, which segments engage better with email campaigns and which respond more positively through Facebook. With profiling and visitor segmentation you’ll be well equipped to carry out effective audience targeting, keep your potential customers engaged and boost your business.

Audience targeting with the Conversion Suite gives you the power to create the most effective campaigns, achieve website optimization and drive conversions. Audience targeting enables you to hold the interest of your potential customers by using real-time personalization of your website. With audience targeting, your website will be equipped to sense visitors’ behavior and automatically display content that’s designed to appeal to them, based on the visitor profile. In this way, audience targeting helps you to earn your customers’ trust and brand loyalty. With the Conversion Suite’s audience targeting tools you’ll know who plans to buy and who’s just browsing.

Key Features

  • Person-centered approach to analytics
  • Visitor profile capabilities with dozens of metrics
  • Real-time segmentation capabilities
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Cohort analytics
  • Intelligent reporting options, including executive dashboards
  • Integration with audience targeting tools