Optimize Your Advertising

Use Intlock Campaign Manager to increase your ROI on VK.
Create ads that perform optimally and attract leads using advanced segmentation and optimization techniques.

Campaign TrackingConversion Suite has a range of tools that can help you discover and eliminate any underperforming campaigns, enabling you to concentrate on the marketing strategies – and the potential customers – that will produce the optimal results for your business.
Goal TrackingThe behavioral targeting tools help you to increase your visitors’ engagement by using real-time customization. The tools create personalization rules for triggering the display of content, enabling you to automatically present personalized content designed to appeal to a certain group of customers.
Short URL GeneratorGiving visitors a behavior score, based on their browsing history, helps you to identify who is most likely to convert. By the time they do make contact with your sales team, you will have already built up, through our CRM integration, a valuable and detailed visit history.