Campaign Tracking

One of the most important pieces of information that web analytics can provide is an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Once you know what impact your advertising is having, you’ll also know whether you’re investing your time, effort and money in the right places – and in the right visitors – and which of your strategies are producing the optimum results. The key to knowing the precise impact of your advertising efforts is thorough and systematic campaign tracking.

Campaign tracking with the Conversion Suite can help you tap into a valuable mine of information about the impact of your advertising. Rigorous campaign tracking helps you assess whether your efforts are paying off by monitoring whether the specific aims of your business are being met. After all, you need to be sure that your campaigns are fulfilling the purpose for which they were created – and, if they’re not, what you can do about it. Campaign tracking enables you to put your finger on any elements of your advertising strategies that are not working as well as expected, so that you can put things right, or scrap ineffectual campaigns altogether.

  • Scrutinize your business through goal tracking
  • Weed out underperforming campaigns
  • Evaluate the performance of your website
  • Focus your efforts on high-performing segments

Monitoring your business aims through goal tracking is one of the most important aspects of campaign tracking, helping you to assess how well your website is serving the purposes for which it was created. After all, if you’re not meeting your goals, that’s bad news for your business. The Conversion Suite’s tools automatically record a great deal of data – including details of the referrer that brought a visitor to your site in the first place, any keywords they entered in a search engine and whether they arrived through a specific ad campaign – but you can also determine which behaviors deserve particular attention through campaign tracking.

Is your newsletter being read by the right people? Are your emails reaching the inboxes of members of your target audience? How many of your visitors are downloading information from your website? Is your new advertising campaign resulting in increased conversions? The Conversion Suite’s campaign tracking tools can help you to answer all of these questions. By monitoring your specific goals with intelligent, effective campaign tracking, you can measure the success of your business, as well as identify any points of weakness. The Conversion Suite’s campaign tracking tools allow you to store details of the important activities that visitors engage in on your website – such as clicking on a link, inputting personal details in a registration form, or making a purchase. Campaign tracking ensures you’re not missing out on one of your most valuable sources of information, opening the door to a wealth of useful data.

The Conversion Suite’s campaign tracking tools are robust and flexible, allowing you to track a whole range of measurable goals. It’s possible to link several goals, behaviors and types of visitor with each of your individual marketing strategies. Our intelligent campaign tracking solution also offers the option of applying goal-conversion funnels to real historic data or ad-hoc situations so you can really scrutinize what impact your campaigns are having, and identify the key moments at which potential customers are losing interest and dropping out of the conversion process.

Campaign tracking is central to effective business management. Arming your business with valuable campaign tracking facts and figures helps you determine whether you’re delivering qualified leads to your sales team, for example. Equipped with robust campaign tracking tools, you will also know exactly which campaigns are getting results, which need a bit more work, and which should be scrapped entirely. Your campaign tracking data gives you the opportunity to analyze and ultimately optimize many different aspects of your website – including the location of adverts, the design of banners and the effectiveness of search terms. Campaign tracking with the Conversion Suite also gives you powerful knowledge about which images, words, button design and color combinations are most effective at motivating your potential customers. With the information you can amass through detailed campaign tracking it’s possible to minimize lost sales, maintain the interest of your visitors and boost conversions.

The Conversion Suite’s campaign tracking tools also equip you to carry out powerful segmentation of your visitors, helping you to learn who your potential customers are, where they click on your website, and to identify which ones are worth the lion’s share of your attention – that is, the ones who are looking to buy, rather than just browsing. Unraveling the relationship between your visitors and conversions is one of the most powerful pieces of information campaign tracking can provide, since it enables you to segment potential customers and concentrate your efforts on high-performing groups.

Key Features

  • Multiple-goal tracking
  • Creation of goal-conversion funnels
  • Application of funnels to historic data and ad-hoc scenarios
  • Website optimization
  • Segmentation capabilities