Goal Tracking

It’s important to have goals, to know exactly what the specific aims of your business are – after all, these goals are the reason for your website’s existence. But having good intentions is not enough. These goals are meaningless without constant monitoring to make sure they are being met. And that’s why it’s essential to conduct goal tracking to help you evaluate just how well your website is helping you to achieve your aims.

The Conversion Suite’s goal tracking tools are on hand to help you learn how successful you are at hitting your targets – from filling out a registration form to generating a sale. Goal tracking is the first, fundamental step toward assessing the effectiveness of your business, understanding whether your marketing campaigns are pressing the right buttons, identifying any performance problems and, ultimately, empowering you to take action to boost your bottom line.

  • Identify and track a range of goals
  • Analyze the impact of your website
  • Uncover underperforming campaigns
  • Boost your conversion rate

Goal tracking with the Conversion Suite enables you to specify the particular events on your website that you want to monitor. It’s possible to choose several goals that together will help you evaluate how well your site is serving its purpose. Quite simply, if you aren’t using goal tracking to measure what leads to the completion of goals on your website then you’re missing out on the most important, actionable metrics your site has to offer. Goals can be anything you choose, including purchasing a product, signing up to an email list, filling in a registration form, downloading a brochure, and clicking on a link.

The Conversion Suite’s web analytics automatically record details about how your potential customers arrived at your website – including the referrer, any search terms they entered, any campaign they clicked on – but goal tracking gives you the opportunity to tell the Conversion Suite exactly how to recognize the specific behaviors that are most meaningful to your business. In this way, goal tracking puts you in control, recording the goals that offer the most valuable insight into how your business is performing.

Goal tracking enables you to conduct a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of your website, based on a variety of parameters. With goal tracking, you can accurately evaluate the performance of your various traffic sources, understand who your visitors are, and see how they respond to your website. The Conversion Suite’s goal tracking tools can also help you learn whether your subscription newsletter is reaching your target audience and whether your marketing efforts are delivering qualified leads to your sales team. You can measure conversion and abandonment rates for each of your campaigns and evaluate your website’s performance according to banners, ad placements and search terms. Goal tracking puts masses of valuable data at your disposal, giving you an immediate insight into the effectiveness of each of your marketing campaigns.

As part of the Conversion Suite’s web analytics tools, goal tracking can also be applied to historical data or ad hoc click-path scenarios, enabling you to carry out an even more robust, detailed and accurate assessment of how your business is performing. You can even exclude internal usage and testing traffic from your goal tracking analysis in order to keep your data accurate.

In addition to revealing your most successful marketing efforts, goal tracking also enables you to expose any underperforming campaigns. Goal tracking also helps you to immediately identify any performance problems that could be preventing you from achieving your business goals.

Ultimately, goal tracking can help you understand where your visitors are coming from and their relationship to conversions – and this is one of the most important and valuable pieces of information that web analytics can provide. After all, it’s not only important to know your conversion rate, but also to have powerful knowledge that helps you to improve it. Goal tracking ensures that you know what works best for your business, helping you to redeploy your time and resources for maximum impact. For example, by identifying high-performing audiences, goal tracking helps you determine how best to segment your visitors to shift your focus to those most likely to yield results. Goal tracking also helps you improve your conversion rate by enabling you to determine which text, buttons, images and colors prompt visitors to take action – and empowering you to optimize your website accordingly.

Key Features

  • Campaign management
  • Multiple-goal tracking
  • Web analytics
  • Conversion and abandonment measurement
  • Application to historical data and ad hoc scenarios
  • Segmentation capabilities