Campaign Manager – Overview

How can you know the exact impact of your advertising efforts? Rigorous and systematic campaign management is the answer. The Conversion Suite has a range of tools that can help you discover and eliminate any underperforming campaigns, enabling you to concentrate on the marketing strategies – and the potential customers – that will produce the optimal results for your business. Our campaign management tools can shine a light on your site, giving you instant insight into the effectiveness of each of your advertising campaigns and helping you to pinpoint and correct any pitfalls to ensure that you’re maximizing the potential of your website.

The Conversion Suite’s range of campaign management tools includes goal tracking capabilities, which enable you to monitor and assess just how effectively your site is helping you to meet your specific business objectives. The ultimate aim of such campaign tracking is to empower you to take action to optimize your website’s performance and boost conversions in the process. Our campaign management tools also include sophisticated segmentation capabilities that can help you understand who your visitors are, what they do when they visit your site, and which ones are the most likely to yield results. And we also offer a short URL generator, which can take a long and unwieldy URL and give it a shorter and more snappy form that makes for a much more user-friendly link, further helping you to sharpen your advertising efforts.

  • Track a range of goals
  • Measure conversion and abandonment rates for each of your campaigns
  • Evaluate the success of your advertising efforts
  • Generate a shortened, friendlier version of your URL

Goal tracking is one of the Conversion Suite’s key campaign management tools. Naturally, it’s important for your business to have goals, but even more important that you keep tabs on these goals to determine whether or not they are being met in full. Our dynamic range of campaign tracking tools can help you monitor them more efficiently and effectively, to evaluate just how well your website serves the purpose you have in mind. Our campaign management capabilities enable you to establish a range of unique business aims that you would like to track when potential customers visit your site. Goal tracking is a crucial element of effective campaign management since, put simply, goals are the reason for your website’s existence. If you’re not meeting them, that’s bad for business. Goal tracking ensures that you don’t miss out on data from your website’s most valuable metrics.

With the Conversion Suite’s campaign management capabilities, you can hone in on the most important actions your visitors take. Our campaign tracking tools automatically record a large amount of information about where your visitors came from – such as the referrer, which keywords they searched for and whether they arrived thanks to a specific campaign – but you can tell the Conversion Suite what the most significant actions are that merit the special attention of goal tracking. Goals can be anything you want, including submitting a registration form, opening an email, clicking on a product page, looking at an external link and, of course, making a purchase. You can decide which goal tracking options will reveal the most pertinent information for campaign management and will help you to most accurately evaluate the performance of your website.

In addition, our goal tracking capabilities can also be applied to historical data, offering you an immediate insight into the impact of certain visitor actions – for example, enabling you to identify major points at which visitors dropped out of the conversion process as part of your campaign tracking efforts. The Conversion Suite’s campaign management options also enable you to instantly create new conversion funnels, which can be applied to historic data or even to ad-hoc scenarios, enabling you to visualize various business outcomes.

It’s clear to see why goal tracking is a key element of effective campaign management. Equipping your business with campaign tracking data enables you to truly see the value of your advertising efforts. These campaign management tools can demonstrate whether your emails are reaching the right audience, whether you’re delivering qualified leads to your sales team, and just how well your new online advertising campaign is working. The Conversion Suite’s campaign marketing tools can help you accurately determine whether all of these business aims are being achieved.

With our campaign marketing tools, you will not only be able to measure and understand more about your conversion rate, you’ll also have powerful information at your fingertips that can help you to improve it. Once you know which images, buttons, text, design and colors are engaging your potential customers most deeply, you can take decisive action to optimize your website’s appeal and boost conversions. You can use your campaign tracking abilities to identify which strategies are working best for business.

And, of course, you can also use the Conversion Suite’s campaign management tools to put your finger on which elements of your website are contributing to abandonment rates, and to wave goodbye to underperforming advertising campaigns or perhaps improve them by providing dynamic content and calls to action to maintain the interest of your potential customers. Our campaign management tools help you to identify what’s broken – and fix it.

The Conversion Suite’s campaign management capabilities also empower you to link goals, behaviors and types of visitors with your various online campaigns. Campaign tracking can help you learn who your potential customers are, where they’re coming from, what actions they take on your website and which visitor segments are most likely to convert. Segmenting your audience means you can shift your focus to those most likely to yield results and optimize the return on investment in your marketing strategies. After all, understanding who your visitors are and their relationship to conversions is one of the most important elements of campaign management, giving you powerful information to feed into your advertising efforts. Our campaign management tools also enable you to exclude internal usage and testing traffic from your assessments to keep your campaign information accurate.

Also among our campaign management tools is a short URL generator that takes a lengthy URL and squeezes it into a shorter form. Our short URL generator will make your URL much more user-friendly and more suitable to put in a Twitter post, share on Facebook or include in an email without it breaking in the middle or taking up valuable space. In the current age, people share a great deal of information online and the Conversion Suite’s short URL generator helps ensure that your business won’t be left out of the loop. It’s important to remember that Facebook status updates and tweets allow for a not-so-generous number of characters – a factor that is fast making a short and to-the-point URL, created by a short URL generator, a central element of campaign tracking and a necessity in online marketing.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple-goal tracking for effective campaign management
  • Conversion and abandonment measurement
  • Creation of goal-conversion funnels
  • Application of funnels to historic data and ad-hoc scenarios
  • Segmentation capabilities
  • Short URL generator