Facebook Analytics

Internet users have never been more willing to provide so much rich information about themselves, not least through their Facebook profiles. Integrating your website with Facebook enables you to tap into the power of social media and make the most of this incredibly detailed mine of information. With Facebook analytics you’ll be able to get to know your potential customers in an unprecedented way, to segment them usefully and to use that information to customize the content of your website to maximize its appeal and increase conversions.

The Conversion Suite’s Facebook analytics tools offer you a broad and powerful view of your online marketing strategy. Social analytics enable you to accurately measure the success of your business via Facebook and to accurately assess the degree to which visitors are engaging with your page on the social network.

Our Facebook analytics tools are inexpensive and user-friendly and don’t require any programming effort. Analytics for Facebook add instant value to your business, ensuring you don’t miss out on business from the burgeoning world of social media.

  • Integrate your website with the major social network
  • Get to know your potential customers like never before
  • Segment your visitors based on multiple metrics
  • Deliver the most engaging, customized content
  • Assess the impact of your Facebook fan page and applications

Facebook Connect is an invaluable tool that links your business up with potential customers by allowing them to log in through their Facebook account. Many of the hurdles that can put potential customers off simply fall away, since they don’t have to enter all their details especially to access your website or remember another password. This authentication method is likely to boost your visitors’ engagement, and it also paves the way to an invaluable source of social analytics data. Such Facebook analytics tools enable you to learn a great deal more about your potential customers through personal information that they are ready and willing to share with you, such as their location, marital status, job, age, the number of friends they have on this social network, and more.

The Conversion Suite’s Facebook analytics tools are entirely code-free and straightforward to use. For fan pages on the social network, it’s possible to use the Facebook API to bring data into the Conversion Suite’s social analytics program, in order to measure tab views, count clicks on buttons and links and carry out segmentation of fans and non-fans. Using social analytics for Facebook applications is even easier, since users opt in to data collection when they start using an application. This makes it possible to use our Facebook analytics tools to track all kinds of essential information for your business, and help ensure a good return on your investment.

Using Facebook Connect to integrate your business with the social network opens the door to powerful social analytics and allows you to achieve highly useful segmentation based on your potential customers’ Facebook data. With our Facebook analytics tools, it’s easy to define segments of visitors based on their age, sex, religion, marital status, interests, and more. Facebook analytics takes your business’ segmentation powers to a whole new level.

And once you’re armed with sophisticated segmentation capabilities, the Conversion Suite’s Facebook analytics tools enable you not only to assess the performance of these segments, but also to deliver highly relevant and personalized content, in real time, based on their individual preferences. For example, our analytics for Facebook would enable you to deliver a special offer to all your visitors who have more than 200 friends on the social network and who live in New York. Or perhaps you want to create a customized landing page for students in London, or for single men under the age of 35 in Manchester. The Conversion Suite’s Facebook analytics equip you to do just that. Using social analytics means you can serve customized content that’s more accurate and detailed than ever before, because it’s based on intimate details that your visitors are happy to share through their Facebook accounts. Analytics for Facebook help you optimize your potential customers identification with and loyalty to your brand.

The explosion of interest in social media, and the obvious and growing need for businesses to engage with it, makes optimizing your efforts through analytics for Facebook the natural next step. Social analytics is fast becoming a key element in any web analytics solution and that’s why the Conversion Suite has integrated pioneering social analytics into our web analytics offering. Our intelligent Facebook analytics tools enable you to monitor how many visits you receive for each message posted on the social network and to test your content in real time. Our analytics for Facebook measure custom applications, Facebook page tabs and Facebook ad-click performance. They also monitor fan-page activity on the social network and Twitter activity that’s driving potential customers to your Facebook page. The Conversion Suite’s Facebook analytics also measure conversions that occur within the social network.

It’s possible to measure both Facebook pages and Facebook applications with the Conversion Suite’s social analytics solution. For your business’s fan page on the social network, you’ll be able to assess your success in terms of the number of people who have “liked” your page and the approximate number of friends of your fans. Our analytics for Facebook can also count the number of people sharing stories about your Facebook page – for example, by posting messages or tagging photos on it, responding to an event you published there, or mentioning your page. With these social analytics tools, you’ll have valuable data at your fingertips, including the number of people who have seen any content associated with your Facebook page and the number of people who have engaged with it in any way.

You can also measure various elements of your Facebook applications using our analytics for Facebook tools, such as the number of times people have viewed, authorized or actively used your app and the number of comments people have made on wall posts. Our Facebook analytics solution can also monitor the number of times people have “liked” your application.

Key Features

  • Zero programming effort
  • Detailed information on potential customers
  • Facebook analytics for fan pages and applications
  • Sophisticated segmentation capabilities
  • Personalization capabilities
  • Real-time testing, including across fan pages and apps