Lead Scoring and CRM Integration

Knowing who’s interested in buying, and who’s just looking is essential for your business. By tracking visitors’ behavior on your website you can learn a lot about their level of engagement, and use that valuable information to target those who are most likely to convert.

The Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software enables you to monitor the behavior of visitors to your website from their very first click, even before they have contacted your sales team, helping you to learn as much as possible about your potential customers from the get-go and giving your sales team that crucial edge. You can give potential customers a behavior score based on their activity on your site, which assesses their readiness to convert. After all, a visitor who looks at your product pages is more likely to buy than one who’s clicking on your careers page.

  • Record each potential customer’s visit history
  • Conduct customized behavioral scoring
  • Identify your visitors’ intentions and readiness to buy
  • Target your business efforts with sales lead tracking

Lead scoring is a central element of modern lead management. Visitors may click on your site again and again – researching new products, downloading materials, interacting with other visitors – before they even get in touch with your sales team. But there’s no reason you can’t profit from the useful information they provide before they do get in touch. With the Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software you can record an individual visitor’s clicks – and identify companies that are looking at your website – and conduct lead scoring, giving each potential customer a score that accumulates based on their page views, number of visits and more.

Our lead tracking software enables you to learn about your visitors’ interests and needs by analyzing their browsing history on your website. Giving visitors a behavior score, based on their browsing history, helps you to identify who is most likely to convert. By the time they do make contact, you will have already built up a valuable, detailed visit history. The Conversion Suite’s lead scoring tools use CRM integration to help you improve your communication with your visitors, manage your sales and boost conversions.

In addition to using sales lead tracking to record a visitor’s behavior, you can also use it to determine your interest in them, assessing whether they fit your demographics. The combination of both these elements will help ensure that you deliver high-quality leads to your sales team.

With our lead tracking software, you can also combine all the lead scoring efforts conducted during visitors’ past visits with the new personal details they provide once they do make contact with your sales team. Conducting lead scoring both before and after a visitor’s registration will help you build up a complete picture of each visitor’s interaction with your business from their first visit to your website – not only since they registered. The Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software enables you to make the most of all the information at your fingertips, and helps you really get to know your potential customers. Such sales lead tracking gives your sales team a great head start.

The Conversion Suite’s lead scoring tools not only enable you to make use of information a visitor has provided ­– on your landing page form, for example – but also of crucial details that they didn’t provide. You can base a behavior score on basic attributes such as how a visitor arrived at your website, which search engine they used, what keywords (if any) they entered and which page they landed on. The behavior score can also include metrics such as the number of previous visits a potential customer has made to your website, how much time they spent on it, where they are located and what language they speak. Other more detailed information, such as that provided on their Facebook profile, can contribute to the behavior score, and it’s also possible to identify an anonymous visitor’s company, based on their Internet connection.

Of course, not all pieces of information that a visitor provides will be equally valuable in lead scoring or equally useful to your business. That’s why the Conversion Suite’s sales lead tracking gives you the flexibility to define your own lead scoring attributes, so that each visitor’s behavior score is truly meaningful. You can choose the lead scoring metrics that are most relevant to your business, even including those that will have a negative effect on scoring. Customized lead scoring can take into account, for example, downloading a free trial, submitting a form, entering a certain keyword in a search engine or clicking for more product information.

Our lead tracking software also recognizes that some pages on your website are better than others at revealing which visitors are potential customers. That’s why our lead scoring tools enable you to define a custom behavior score on a per-page basis. You can customize your lead scoring so that, for example, a click on your product pages adds 100 points to a visitor’s behavior score, or make a deduction of 25 points from a visitor who makes a beeline for your careers page. These invaluable sales lead tracking tools help point your sales team in the right direction, telling, for example, a visitor who appears to be a job hunter from a true prospect.

The Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software helps you to carry out effective sales lead tracking, arming your sales team with essential background knowledge about a visitor, ready for when that individual makes contact. Our lead scoring tools even enable you to rank your visitors according to their behavior on your website. This means that, based on your lead scoring, you can establish a call list that gives visitors with higher scores – such as those who have most frequently or most recently visited your site – a higher priority for callbacks. The integration of our sales lead tracking tools with a CRM system helps you to boost your business by learning from the visit history of your customers. Thanks to our advanced lead scoring tools you’ll know which of your products were viewed by each customer before they made their purchase and how many times each customer has visited your site in the past. Our lead tracking software enables effective sales lead tracking that update customer profiles on a daily basis, equipping your sales team with the most relevant, up-to-date information, helping them to make more informed decisions and optimize their conversations with potential customers.

Key Features

  • CRM integration
  • Tracking of anonymous visitors
  • Analysis of visitors’ browsing history
  • Automatic synthesis of anonymous data with personal profile
  • Behavioral scoring based on various metrics
  • Customizable scoring metrics
  • Lead score ranking
  • User-friendly CRM records