Behavior Score

Knowing your customer, and what they want and expect from your business, is a recipe for success. But it’s even better for business if you can know in advance who your most promising potential customers are – even before your sales team makes contact with them.

The Conversion Suite can equip you with this knowledge through behavioral scoring. It’s possible to assign a behavior score to each and every visitor to your website, based on a wide variety of criteria. The criteria can range from their activity on your website – such as which pages they click on, to other data gathered from lead intelligence – such as how they arrived there in the first place. The behavior score can be calculated from a potential customer’s very first visit, even as they remain anonymous to you. What’s more, once they make direct contact with your business – such as by filling out a registration form – their new personal profile is automatically integrated with their previous, anonymous visit history, further enriching their behavior score and making it ever more useful to your business. The benefits of behavioral scoring are clear, empowering your salespeople to filter out those visitors to your website who are not really interested in making a purchase, and to pursue those who are most engaged and ready to convert.

  • Assess each visitor’s readiness to convert
  • Identify the most promising potential customers
  • Customize your own behavioral scoring criteria
  • Empower your sales team to make informed decisions

The Conversion Suite’s behavior score equips you to carry out an accurate, and potentially indispensable, assessment of whether or not a certain visitor is prepared to make a purchase. The behavior score is calculated based on a wide variety of attributes. These can include data gathered from lead intelligence that is not necessarily based on anything a potential customer tells you directly, such as whether they are a new or returning visitor, how many previous visits they have made, how much time they spend browsing on your website, which page they landed on, and what company they are from (based on information provided by their Internet connection). The behavior score may also be influenced by the source of the visit – whether it is organic or whether the visitor arrived thanks to social media or via one of your marketing campaigns. In the case of an organic arrival the behavior score can also take into account any keywords that were entered in a search engine.

The behavior score is also likely to be affected by your visitors’ specific online activity – such as whether they download a free trial, open e-mails or subscribe to your mailing list. Such details can prove essential to the behavior score – after all, it’s reasonable to assume that a visitor who heads straight to your careers page is not as interested in making a purchase as someone who clicks for information on your delivery costs.

Naturally, the behavior score can also be based on the personal details provided directly by the potential customer, including any responses they have made to e-mails from your company, and the fields they’ve filled in on one of your registration forms.

With the Conversion Suite’s behavior score, each potential customer gradually accrues a number that can be based on all of these attributes and more. Their online activity, coupled with the demographic details and lead intelligence, adds up to a meaningful and useful behavior score that can be used to accurately measure a certain visitor’s engagement, and that enables you to deliver high-quality leads to your salespeople.

The Conversion Suite’s behavior score includes default scoring for fundamental criteria such as the number and frequency of visits, but our flexible tools also give you scope to define your own criteria. In this way, the behavior score can reflect the criteria that have the biggest impact on your business – in both positive and negative ways. For example, it’s clear that certain pages of your website are more relevant to conversions than others, and so it makes sense to assign different behavior score values to different pages. This means, for example, that a click on your pricing page could add 100 points to a visitor’s behavior score.

The behavior score empowers your salespeople to make informed decisions and gives them vital insider knowledge before they even make an opening call to a potential customer. The behavior score can even be used as the basis for a call list that gives higher priority for callbacks to those potential customers who seem most likely to convert.

Key Features

  • Automatic lead intelligence
  • Lead behavior tracking
  • Automatic integration of visit history with personal profile
  • Default behavioral scoring attributes
  • Customizable scoring attributes
  • Creation of priority callback lists