Dynamics CRM Integration

A great deal happens on your website before a visitor even registers for any content from or contact with your business. Your visitors may visit your website time and time again – looking at your products, downloading material, talking to your customer support reps – before ever making a purchase. But why miss out on the valuable data they provide before they’ve converted?

With the Conversion Suite’s Dynamics CRM integration, you can record your visitors’ activity from their very first visit to your website. And, once they decide to register, their anonymous visit history is automatically added to their personal contact details, offering you a full picture of their interaction with your business from their very first click – not just since they registered. This pre-registration history is crucial to understanding a visitor’s interests and intentions sooner – and it gives your sales team a head start.

  • Record all anonymous visitors to your website
  • Synthesize their anonymous visit history and their personal details
  • Conduct powerful behavioral scoring
  • Improve your sales efforts with prior knowledge of your visitors

The Conversion Suite’s CRM plugin feeds all of your visitors’ data into Dynamics CRM, constantly updating your customer profiles. With detailed web analytics data for each potential customer, your sales team can make more informed decisions and better communicate with visitors to your website based on their browsing history. From the start, you’ll also be able to identify which company an anonymous visitor is from, simply based on their Internet connection. The anonymous data is saved into CRM along with the personal details a visitor entered in form submission fields.

It’s possible to learn, through CRM integration, which products were viewed by which customer prior to purchasing, how many times that person clicked onto your website, which pages they looked at and what they were searching for. You can also view other data collected by the Conversion Suite during a potential customer’s visit, such as their location, language, level of social engagement and information they have provided publicly on Facebook and Twitter.

You can use this data as visitor segment fields in your web analytic reports. It’s also possible to rank a potential customer according to their online behavior, based on the Conversion Suite’s behavioral scoring reports. A behavioral scoring field is assigned to each visitor, based on their web activity, which identifies their readiness to buy. Visitors who click on web pages, open emails and download material are exhibiting better buying behavior than those who view your careers page, for example. The Conversion Suite provides default scoring for basic behaviors, such as the number of visits, time spent on your website, channel, and more, and you can also define your own scoring attributes that are most relevant to your business, including those that will have a negative impact on scoring. Your customized behavioral attributes could include, for example, an online search that uses a certain keyword, or a click-through from a marketing campaign to your website.

This advanced scoring and filtering makes your sales team better able to prioritize and pursue the best leads, helping you to increase conversions.

Key Features

  • Tracking of anonymous visitors
  • Analysis of visitors’ browsing history
  • Automatic integration of anonymous data with personal details
  • Visitor segmentation capabilities
  • Behavioral scoring
  • Customizable scoring metrics
  • Easy-to-use CRM reports