Lead Tracking Software

Before they make their final conversion – and even before they first contact your sales team – visitors may click all around your website, research new products, download material and interact with other customers, all the time leaving a trail of useful information. In short, there’s no need to wait for potential customers to contact you. Rather, you can benefit from the essential data your potential customers provide from their very first visit to your website, so that when they do eventually get in touch, your salespeople will already be one step ahead.

The Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software is on hand to follow and record potential customers on your website, tracking where they click and which pages they view as well as other important details, such as the source of their visit. As soon as they register an interest and become known to you, you’ll be able to create a personal profile and to instantly append all the data from their prior, anonymous visits, captured by the lead tracking software. In this way, the Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software offers you rich background information about what a specific potential customer might want from your website – based, for example, on which of your products they have viewed or how many times they’ve clicked on a certain page. Lead tracking software has the potential to put your salespeople at a distinct advantage from the get-go. After all, knowledge is power.

    • Record your visitors’ online behavior
    • Gain lead intelligence from their very first visit
    • Assess a potential customer’s readiness to make a purchase
    • Deliver qualified leads to sales

Much of what you know about your potential customers comes from information they provide directly, such as on a landing page registration form or in their responses to e-mails, but the Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software also enables you to record and benefit from other valuable sources of data, too. Our lead tracking software gives you the chance to record your visitors’ movement and clicks around your website. You can also learn from other lead intelligence, such as the details of how visitors arrived at your website and which page they landed on, which search engine they used and what search terms they typed in, if any. In addition, the lead tracking software also enables you to identify a company the moment they click on your website, based on their Internet connection. What’s more, the rich data provided through lead tracking software can be utilized to segment your potential customers in web analytics reports. Such robust reporting can help you shape your marketing strategies and equip your salespeople with qualified leads.

The Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software helps you to really get to know your potential customers from their first click and, crucially, it can help sort those visitors who are ready to make a purchase from those who are just browsing. The lead tracking software enables you to give your potential customers a score based on their browsing behavior, including the number of previous visits they have made to your website, which pages they have looked at, and the path they took to get there. The lead tracking software also gives you the option of establishing your own behavioral scoring system, enabling you, for example, to deduct 100 points from a visitor who goes to your careers page (and thereby indicating their interest in a job with your company and not readiness to buy a product). By using the lead tracking software to conduct behavioral scoring, the Conversion Suite empowers you to gauge just how engaged a particular visitor is, and the likelihood that they will convert. That’s why the lead tracking software is a powerful tool that can help your salespeople know where they should invest their energies.

Making use of the Conversion Suite’s lead tracking software means your sales team will have access to a whole wealth of useful information about potential customers before making an opening call. The data that’s collected and stored by the lead tracking software can vastly improve the quality of their interaction with your potential customers.

Key Features

      • Visitor behavior tracking
      • Automatic lead intelligence
      • Integration of visit history with personal profile
      • Click tracking
      • Web analytics reporting
      • Segmentation capabilities
      • Behavioral scoring
      • Customizable scoring attributes