SalesForce Integration

Knowing what a specific visitor has viewed on your website before you make the opening call gives your sales team a massive advantage. The Conversion Suite’s integration with Salesforce can give you that heads up.

You can identify companies that are looking at your website and monitor individual visitors, even before they decide to make themselves known to you. And, as soon as they decide to register, their anonymous visit history is automatically integrated with their personal contact information, helping you to build up a meaningful and invaluable profile. By tracking your potential customers’ behavior and online activity, you can determine their level of interest in your business. And, thanks to the Conversion Suite’s advanced lead scoring and filtering capabilities, your sales team will know where to focus their efforts.

  • Monitor your visitors from their very first click
  • Integrate potential customers’ visit history with their personal profile
  • Identify your visitors’ likelihood of making a purchase
  • Sharpen your sales pitch

When the Conversion Suite is integrated with Salesforce, not only will you automatically get the information that a potential customer filled in on your landing page form, you’ll also get important details that they didn’t enter – such as the specific form they filled in (if your website has multiple forms), how they arrived at your website, any keywords they entered in a search engine, and through which page they entered your website.

And, as the Conversion Suite’s integration with Salesforce tracks the activity of your individual visitors, each one accumulates a score, based on the number of visits, page views, and more. Such lead scoring is an integral part of contemporary lead management. By monitoring the behavior of your visitors, you can assess the likelihood that they will convert – and you can also determine your level of interest in them, on the basis of whether they meet your demographic criteria. The combination of both of these factors helps you deliver more qualified leads to your sales team.

The Conversion Suite’s ability to integrate with Salesforce means you have the option of customizing score values on a per-page basis. After all, some pages of your website are better than others at indicating your visitors’ intentions. For example, you could customize the score so that a visit to your pricing page adds 25 points, while a visit to your careers page deducts 50 points.

In addition, the behavioral scoring field can be used as a sort field for callback prioritization. It’s easy to see the value of presenting your sales team with a call list that gives a higher priority to visitors who have visited your website most often or most recently, for example.

The Conversion Suite’s Salesforce integration helps to ensure your marketing and sales efforts are more tightly focused and effective.

Key Features

  • Recording of anonymous visitors actions
  • Integration of visit history with personal profile
  • Automatic lead intelligence
  • Behavioral scoring
  • Customizable lead scoring attributes
  • Callback prioritization