SEO Tools

Getting ahead in online search results should be a priority for your business.

If you’re lingering at the bottom of the search results page – or are not even on the first page of results – how will potential customers find you on a search engine? The simple truth is, they won’t – and they’ll take their business elsewhere. With a whole world of options available to them, Internet users can afford to be ruthless when it comes to using a search engine, and they’re unlikely to scroll down past the top few results. And, if you can’t beat them, join them, by getting closer to the top of search results where they can’t miss you.

The Conversion Suite can help you achieve the search engine optimization you need to make your business a success. Our SEO tool helps you to see your website as a search engine sees it. It enables you to take a critical look at your site and make the necessary changes to ensure you come out on top in online searches, so that you don’t miss out on a whole wave of potential customers. Our SEO tool can help improve your search engine ranking – and make sure you stay at the top – in a range of ways, from suggesting search-engine friendly URLs, to ensuring powerful and thorough site searches. You can use the SEO tool to run tests to evaluate and improve your content before you even publish it, and to put your finger on any problems that could be damaging your search engine status. Ultimately, the Conversion Suite can help drive more visitors to your website, improve customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

  • Discover what drives customers to your website
  • Optimize your keyword spread, URLs and site search
  • Maintain your search ranking with continuous optimization
  • Identify and solve problems in your site’s content

The Conversion Suite’s SEO tool provides essential guidance on how to improve both the content and structure of your website to boost the number of online hits it receives. It provides direct and easily actionable recommendations, such as information on key terms that lead to the best SEO results and advice on which keywords to use where (and how many times). Putting this simple advice into practice in the way that our SEO tool suggests puts you well on the way to achieving search engine optimization, helping you ensure you get found easily and meaning that visitors will head in your direction organically.

Using our versatile, intelligent SEO tool, you’ll be able to evaluate internal and external websites, set the parameters of crawl jobs, target crawls for subdirectories and subdomains, configure the volume of concurrent requests (meaning you can crawl your site without being liable to extra processing) and identify the ongoing changes in the performance of your pages.

Another way in which the Conversion Suite’s SEO tool can help you stay at the top of online searches is by recommending the most search-engine friendly URLs – a key factor that can instantly boost your search position and improve the volume and quality of traffic coming to your website. And once potential customers do arrive at your website, the Conversion Suite’s robust and thorough inbuilt site search will help them go straight to what they’re searching for.

The Conversion Suite’s SEO tool not only helps ensure your website is search-engine friendly and has a high search ranking, it also works to maintain your position in online searches. It provides the ongoing, constant evaluation you need to avoid the content drift that would otherwise gradually derail your SEO efforts and cause you to slip down the search engine rankings. You can keep search engines up-to-date with the most current information from your website and control the access to and display of your content in search results.

It’s possible to analyze and optimize your website’s content even before you publish it, using our SEO tool. And, once it is published, you’ll be able to pinpoint any problems with the content and structure that could be detrimental to your search engine ranking or might hamper the usability of your site – and cost you conversions. The Conversion Suite’s SEO tool can be used to uncover any errors in the content that negatively affect your visitors’ experience, such as duplicated material, broken links and performance issues, so that you can put them right and safeguard your search engine ranking.

The Conversion Suite’s SEO tool can display all this essential troubleshooting information through its rigorous reporting capabilities. The large range of prebuilt reports available as part of the SEO tool can lift the lid on easily resolvable problems, and can otherwise assess your website’s compliance with SEO guidelines. Our reporting capabilities also allow you to view detailed route analysis, helping you to better understand the path search engines follow to reach your content. The Conversion Suite’s reports also cover other aspects of website analysis, including reports on how visitors reach your website, giving you a deep and useful insight into which keywords, referrers and search engines produce the optimum results – and making it easy for you to understand what you can do to improve your website.

Of course, the ultimate aim of your SEO efforts is to increase the number of visitors to your website and to improve your bottom line. The Conversion Suite’s SEO tool is geared up to achieve exactly these aims. With high-impact and optimized content that is easily updated to maintain its relevance, you’ll be encouraging more people to click on your site from higher-ranking, organic search results. Having the right keywords in the right places and using the most search-engine friendly URLs boosts your chances of driving not only more traffic to your site, but the right kind of traffic – those visitors who are most likely to convert, because they’ve found just what they were looking for. Using the Conversion Suite’s SEO tool means you gain an advantage over your competitors and will see your own website grow more relevant as your competitors fall down the rankings.

And your optimized website will also provide a better experience for your visitors, further improving your chances of boosting conversions. Using the Conversion Suite’s SEO tool to ensure that everything is working on your website as it should will prevent a situation where potential customers click around in frustration and eventually turn to your competitors’ sites. In addition, our powerful, inbuilt site search makes it easy for your potential customers to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for on your website.

Key Benefits

  • Keyword recommendations
  • Customizable crawl jobs
  • Configurable concurrent request volume
  • Search-engine friendly URLs
  • Inbuilt site search
  • Ongoing optimization
  • SEO troubleshooting
  • Detailed reports