Voice of Customer

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. If you want to know what your customers think of your business and website – just ask them. Today’s online consumers are more discerning and sophisticated than ever before, and they have never been more willing to speak their minds. And, if you don’t ask them what they think, you run the very real risk that they’ll simply turn away from your website, and click and convert elsewhere.

The Conversion Suite empowers you to capture that direct voice of customer data and get vital website feedback that you can use to improve your site, increase customer satisfaction and boost conversions. With user-friendly website surveys you can ask your visitors about their level of satisfaction with your website, and you’ll be able to use their responses to inform and optimize your marketing efforts. The beauty of a survey lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, and it also enables you to intervene in real time, at the moment it’s most needed – for example, when a potential customer is about to drop out of the conversion process – taking you straight to the heart of the most useful voice of customer data.

For more sophisticated website feedback, you can even target your website surveys to a specific visitor segment, and you can create user-friendly, easy-to-understand reports on all of this voice of customer information to help you answer key business questions, pinpoint any weak areas in your marketing strategy, and learn what makes your potential customers tick.

  • Ask your visitors what they think
  • Deliver friendly, nonintrusive surveys
  • Gather otherwise-hard-to-obtain information about your customers
  • Target your surveys to a specific visitor segment

You can learn a lot about visitors to your website through web analytics but, with analytics alone, a key part of the puzzle is still missing. For example, visitors’ making just a single click on a page could indicate disinterest, but it could also mean they’re quickly and easily finding exactly what they want from your website. Without voice of customer data, you could be missing out on the real story. That’s what makes website surveys a primary marketing tool.

The Conversion Suite’s website surveys can take two forms – satisfaction polls and paged-based comments – and your visitors’ responses to both will give you real-time website feedback into what they’re thinking and the reasoning behind their actions when they visit your site. Of course, you can request voice of customer data at any point during a potential customer’s visit, from the minute they arrive at your website to the minute they leave, picking your moment to get the voice of customer response that will be most useful to your business. In this way, you’ll be able to exert an influence at crucial points of customer action – for example, presenting a nonintrusive survey in response to a subscription cancellation. Accurate voice of customer data helps you to know what’s working for your business and what’s not; what’s boosting conversions and what’s encouraging visitors to drop out and look elsewhere. All of this website feedback will enable you to improve your visitors’ experience of your site, help you to optimize your marketing efforts and boost your business.

With the Conversion Suite’s website surveys you can ask your potential customers the big questions, like “’Did you find what you were searching for?” and “What is the reason for your visit today?,” helping you to understand their needs like never before. Surveys are an incredibly cost-effective and efficient way of gathering otherwise hard-to-obtain data from your potential customers, and such useful website feedback will give you greater understanding of your potential customers’ sentiment.

As part of our voice of customer tools, you can use one of our prebuilt templates or design, create and implement your own customized survey, using your company colors and logos. You can subtly customize various surveys across your website to prevent visitors from feeling inundated. What’s more, you can see real-time responses to your website surveys, enabling you to immediately enhance their design to optimize the response of your potential customers.

One central benefit of online voice of customer surveys is that they help measure, maintain and tell you how to improve customer satisfaction and boost loyalty to your brand. Asking a few simple, obvious questions can help your visitors feel appreciated and help you to win their trust and loyalty. Your voice of customer efforts will put valuable website feedback in your hands that can help you measure brand perception in real time, optimize your visitors’ experience and boost conversions.

The Conversion Suite’s voice of customer tools also give you the flexibility to aim your surveys at a particular segment of visitors. For example, you could deliver a survey to those who bought a specific product or clicked on a specific link, giving you more detailed, intelligent voice of customer information and empowering you to execute an even more tightly focused and effective marketing strategy.

It’s also possible to instantly create conversion funnels to analyze previous voice of customer responses of various segments to show you how your business is doing, how visitor behavior has changed over time, and how different channels are performing against each other. To gain this powerful website feedback you can define groups of visitors according to a range of customizable metrics – for example, referrer, marketing campaign and various visitor demographics.

Voice of customer tools make conversion tracking easy and actionable. Implementing the Conversion Suite’s user-friendly surveys involves no programming effort, and there is no need to edit any code. The Conversion Suite’s intelligent web analytics tracking code can easily present website surveys based on numerous metrics and in several different formats.

You’ll be able to get instant insight into your voice of customer data with our sophisticated reporting capabilities. Our voice of customer reports are built in seconds, and can help you to answer key questions such as, When should we begin marketing to past customers to bring them back to the website? With our dynamic voice of customer reports you’ll be able to see exactly which day, week or month saw a fall or boost in activity, and you’ll be able to identify problematic areas that could be holding back your business. You can have complete control over what data you see at any given time, with comparative graphs based on the key metrics that drive your business. Most importantly, such robust visualization of your voice of customer data will help you see your website in a new light – and will help you drive your business forward.

Key Features

  • Integration with web analytics
  • Customer satisfaction polls
  • Paged-based comments
  • Prebuilt survey templates
  • Customizable surveys
  • Real-time feedback
  • Segmentation capabilities
  • Creation of conversion funnels
  • No IT involvement
  • Voice of customer reports