Website Feedback

If you want to know what your potential customers think of your website, all you have to do is ask them. A simple question like “Did you find what you were looking for today?” asked through an online survey can give you essential website feedback that could transform your business.

And getting to that crucial voice-of-customer data has never been easier, in a world where online visitors are more than happy to tell you what they think. Asking for website feedback has the potential to boost customer satisfaction and increase your conversion rate. The voice-of-customer data you get from surveying your visitors is also one of the best ways of attaining information that is otherwise very hard to reach – the finer details that web analytics can’t get to. What’s more, the Conversion Suite’s sophisticated reporting capabilities can help you make the most of the website feedback provided by your potential customers. It’s possible to group your qualitative website feedback according to a range of metrics – such as creating and analyzing segments and cohorts of visitors – helping you to see what’s working best for your business.

  • Ask visitors to your website what they think
  • Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Target your surveys to a certain audience
  • Evaluate the feedback with user-friendly reports

Your business’s web analytics solution can offer an enormous insight into the behavior of your potential customers, but without qualitative website feedback it’s impossible to know for sure why certain behavior is happening. For example, visitors accessing a lot of content may reflect high engagement, or it could mean they’re searching in frustration for something they can’t find. Asking your visitors for website feedback helps clear up any confusion and enables you to know what elements of your business are working and what needs more work.

The Conversion Suite offers you an easy way to get straight to that essential website feedback with voice-of-customer surveys, which are an incredibly cost-effective way of quickly gathering information from your visitors, determining their perception of your brand and assessing their level of satisfaction with your business. Calling for website feedback helps you to intervene at crucial points of customer action, enabling you to present a survey in response to a subscription cancellation, for example. With the Conversion Suite’s website feedback tools it’s possible to subtly customize surveys throughout your website so that visitors don’t feel inundated.

The Conversion Suite enables you to gather a dynamic array of detailed website feedback. You can deliver surveys to visitors who purchased a specific product, read a certain article or arrived at your website through a specific campaign. In addition, you can gain an insight from real-time website feedback to your survey results, enabling you to instantly enhance your surveys by improving their design to achieve a better response from your potential customers. In order to improve the quality of your website feedback even further, it’s possible to customize your voice-of-customer surveys with your own company colors and logos or to use one of the Conversion Suite’s prebuilt themes.

From the first click to the final conversion, website feedback helps you to understand what your potential customers think of your business and measure their brand perception. The Conversion Suite’s website feedback surveys empower you to start a dialog with your visitors in real time, enabling immediate action based on the response. The critical insight into customer behavior that website feedback provides helps you understand how to optimize your visitors’ experience and increase their loyalty to your brand.

Furthermore, the Conversion Suite’s dynamic reporting capabilities help you to evaluate and understand the website feedback provided by your potential customers. It’s possible to integrate visitor feedback with your web analytics data for a more rounded and detailed picture of your customers. The Conversion Suite gives you the flexibility to control which elements of your retrospective data you focus on at any time, meaning, for example, you can specify which pages you want to track and get easy-to-use, actionable reports to show you how your business is doing. You can analyze website feedback from individual visitors, even from before their first conversion, to see how their behavior changes over time. It’s also possible to analyze the website feedback of different segments and cohorts of visitors, according to the key metrics that drive your business. You can see how different segments are performing against each other – in the form of user-friendly, comparative graphs, for example – and then use this valuable insight to drive your marketing campaigns. The Conversion Suite’s website feedback reports put a wealth of information within easy reach- from aggregate data to the nitty-gritty.

Ultimately, robust evaluation of the website feedback provided by your visitors helps you to know what’s making money and what’s not, enabling you to increase your conversion rate.

Key Features

  • Voice-of-customer surveys
  • Intervention at key points of customer action
  • Customizable and prebuilt survey options
  • Segmentation options
  • Real-time feedback
  • Integration with web analytics data
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Cohort analysis