Website Survey

There is one very simple, cost-effective way of improving your business – asking your potential customers what they think of your website and how it could be improved. After all, sometimes the direct approach is best.

A straightforward website survey, asking for your visitors’ response, is a no-nonsense way of getting information you can really use. A good website survey is a primary marketing tool. It can help you discover who your potential customers are and what they want from your business, and take you straight to the core of any problems they experience when they use your website. With no programming effort required, the Conversion Suite can help you design and implement effective website surveys. It’s possible to customize a website survey with your own branding or to simply take one of our user-friendly templates. In addition, you can combine your website survey responses with web analytics data, or even target your website survey to a certain segment of visitors, giving you a more intelligent, deeper insight into how your business is performing.

  • Create surveys with no need for IT involvement
  • Discover what your potential customers want
  • Intervene at key points in the conversion process
  • Gather dynamic voice-of-customer data

Your website survey can take two different forms – website-satisfaction polls or page-based comments – both of which offer efficient and effective ways of getting hold of otherwise-elusive information from visitors to your website. Both types of website survey offer an insight into why your potential customers do what they do. For example, a website survey can ask your visitors, “What’s the purpose of your visit today?” or “Have you found what you were searching for?” A website survey offers you the best and most powerful way of learning what makes your potential customers tick, and empowers you to answer key business questions.

Giving your customers a voice and listening to what they say can instantly increase their level of satisfaction – along with the likelihood that they’ll return to your site time after time. A website survey not only creates happy customers, it also gives you a better understanding of audience sentiment, providing you with accurate customer analytics – valuable data you can really use. Equipping yourself with detailed website survey responses, puts you in a better position to give customers what they want, optimize their experience of your website, deliver well-targeted marketing campaigns – and improve your bottom line.

With the Conversion Suite, it’s quick and easy to design and implement a website survey without having to edit any template or code. Our intelligent web analytics tracking code has an inbuilt ability to present surveys in a number of different formats and according to multiple rules, which means there’s no need for any programming input. You can use one of the Conversion Suite’s prebuilt website survey themes, or alternatively customize your survey with your company colors and logos. It’s possible to subtly customize nonintrusive polls and page-based comments throughout your website so that visitors don’t feel inundated. In addition, you can gain insight from real-time website survey results to immediately improve the design of your surveys, in order to optimize the frequency and quality of the response.

The Conversion Suite’s website survey tools make it easy to track your visitors’ conversions – and to take action. We help you to exert an influence by presenting surveys during key moments of customer action – for example, in response to a subscription cancellation. In this way, a website survey enables you to initiate a conversation with your potential customers in real time, empowering you to react instantly, based on what they tell you.

It’s also possible to deliver a website survey to a specific segment of customers, such as, for example, those who clicked onto your website via a certain marketing campaign, downloaded a certain piece of information from your site, or bought a certain product. Such targeting further improves the quality and usefulness of your voice-of-customer data.

A website survey combines qualitative voice-of-customer data with quantitative behavior to give you a detailed and accurate insight into why your visitors do what they do on your website. Coupled with more traditional web analytics, your voice-of-customer data helps you to understand how your business is performing and what you can do to improve your conversion rate.

Key Features

  • Website-satisfaction polls
  • Page-based comments
  • Easy-to-implement surveys
  • Zero IT involvement
  • Prebuilt survey templates
  • Customizable surveys
  • Real-time data
  • Conversion tracking
  • Segmentation capabilities
  • Integration with web analytics