Testing and Website Optimization

Your website has to grab visitors attention as soon as they arrive on your landing page, and cater to their individual preferences and interests so that they keep on clicking. Measuring the degree to which your potential customers engage with your website paves the way for you to achieve this website optimization. From creating a great landing page that makes a positive first impression, to enhancing your potential customers’ visit as they click further into your website, right up to that final conversion – the Conversion Suite includes a whole array of dynamic website optimization tools to help.

  • Pinpoint the most engaging content on your website
  • Boost your site’s relevance for specific visitor groups
  • Improve website usability with good design
  • Optimize your site’s impact – from first click to final conversion

AB Testing and Multivariate Tests

One key component of Intlock’s website optimization tools is multivariate and AB testing, which enables you to measure just how compelling your website’s content is and then use that invaluable information to personalize your site for various visitor groups. After all, for that essential competitive edge, you have to deliver the right message at the right moment to the right visitor.

Robust tools are crucial for pinpointing your most effective design, features and text, and they ultimately enable you to achieve website optimization.

With multivariate testing you can analyze a range of variables with smaller traffic requirements and fewer combinations, while AB testing enables quick and precise design selection. What’s more, the Conversion Suite’s testing tools allow you to implement and run website optimization tests directly on your site, precisely as your potential customers will see them. You can create multivariate and AB testing using sliders, wizards and check boxes. Our AB testing tool also provides you with web-based reports, offering vital feedback on customer engagement and on your website’s performance.

Multivariate and AB testing helps you create a continually updated profile that assesses a visitor’s engagement with your content by ascribing a value to every interaction they have with your website. Such website optimization tests enable you to check everything from the content of your homepage to the look of “submit” buttons.

The Conversion Suite’s multivariate and AB testing can be targeted to a specific visitor segment. The final goal of these easy-to-use website optimization tools is to give you essential insights that will enable you to identify the best combination of variables for different audiences. That way, you’ll be sure you’re always presenting the most captivating content and user-friendly features, and you’ll ultimately get the best results for your business. And by integrating these tests with our behavioral targeting and segmentation features, the tests run only on the specific target audience, preventing the loss of conversions in other segments and producing more conclusive results. The integration of Intlock’s multivariate and AB testing with segmentation capabilities gives you the power to deliver well-targeted campaigns, special offers, banners and more.

Landing Page Optimization

Once they’ve clicked on an online advert, promotional URL or link, the first thing visitors to your website will see is your landing page. It’s your first opportunity to transform them from visitors into customers, and that’s why landing page optimization is so crucial.

The Conversion Suite’s landing page optimization tools give you the power to determine how relevant and usable your landing page is, and to know whether it’s maximizing your chances of attaining your business goals.

Creating several potential pages to try out various options, such as the length of your text or different graphics and color combinations, can be an insightful part of landing page optimization that will help you to understand what’s going to engage potential customers and what’s likely to make them look elsewhere. Maybe, for example, you’ll discover that you can achieve landing page optimization with short and snappy text or, conversely, perhaps you’ll find that too little information is making potential customers drop out of your site in frustration because they don’t find out enough about your product. The Conversion Suite can enable you to assess your copy and page design though a large range of tests designed to measure landing page optimization, getting rid of the need for guesswork.

Achieving landing page optimization is about more than flashy design and engaging text. A better way to assess the success of your landing page is by cutting to the chase and directly asking your visitors, such as through website-satisfaction polls and page-based comments. Once you know what potential customers are thinking when they visit your website, the task of attaining landing page optimization will be much more simple. Another way to measure your visitors’ experience is by using the Conversion Suite’s visitor recording tools. Tracking the clicks of your potential customers will help you understand how people use your website, what they’re trying to do, and where they encounter problems, making the distance to website optimization and a great landing page all the shorter.

Segmentation can also help pave your way to landing page optimization. Behavioral targeting helps you to identify visitor segments, customize your website, and deliver an overall look that’s designed to engage them. In addition, the Conversion Suite’s web analytics module is also on hand to help you improve your landing page and attain that essential website optimization. Whether you need basic stats or custom dashboards, we provide a large range of reports that it’s easy to create, filter and schedule. You’ll be able to see visit information within minutes of a visitor’s click on your website, for a real-time assessment of your landing page’s effectiveness.

Behavioral Targeting

You can transform online traffic into individual potential customers with the Conversion Suite’s website optimization tools. You can delve into a valuable mine of information about potential customers with our behavioral targeting module, enabling you to see who plans to buy and who’s just looking, helping you to target your marketing, achieve website optimization and boost conversions. Earning your visitors’ trust and establishing brand loyalty becomes much easier when you customize your content to meet their expectations.

The behavioral targeting module is a website optimization tool that creates personalization rules for presenting personalized content based on profiles and channels and visitor segments. The visitor segment component of the rule can be based on a whole range of data, including how many times a potential customer has visited your website before, which pages they’ve clicked on, and how they arrived.

Website Usability Optimization

The power to achieve website optimization by boosting your website’s user-friendliness is in your hands, thanks to the Conversion Suite. For example, robust SEO reports enable you to unmask errors like broken links, which can drive potential customers away. Also, you can optimize your website’s usability by using our visitor recording tools, which provide very detailed data, including every click, and even every move of the mouse, that visitors make. In addition, click and path analysis reports reveal what’s grabbing the interest of your visitors, to help you achieve website optimization, give your potential customers the best possible experience of your business, and maximize conversions.