AB Testing and Multivariate Tests

Compelling content, easy-to-use features and design that packs a punch are essential elements that your website needs in order to stand out among the massive variety of competition on the Internet. In this world, your potential customers will turn elsewhere if their high expectations are not met by your website. And for that essential competitive edge, your business has to pick the right moment to deliver the right message to the right person.

The Conversion Suite’s website optimization tools put control in your hands for fast and constant assessment of the impact of your content across any online channel. Armed with this information through multivariate and AB testing, you’ll be able to get your visitors’ attention with customized messages, and to maintain their interest with high-impact content that responds to their personal profile and really speaks to them. There’s no IT burden involved in setting up and executing our user-friendly multivariate and AB testing, and when you integrate the tests with the Conversion Suite’s behavioral targeting and segmentation capabilities, you’ll be able to constantly evolve your website and push your business forward.

  • Pinpoint the most influential elements of your website
  • Accurately assess the potential of different channels
  • Get ongoing feedback to help continually improve your content
  • Develop detailed visitor profiles
  • Integrate your testing with audience segmentation capabilities

Multivariate and AB testing gives you the power to efficiently identify the most effective features of your website, as well any elements that might allow potential customers to slip through your fingers. With the Conversion Suite’s multivariate and AB testing tools you can check every element – from individual buttons, graphics or blocks of copy, to entire page layouts.

The unfortunate truth is that most of today’s tools are lacking, meaning that testing is a difficult and demanding task, but the Conversion Suite’s multivariate and AB testing tools enable you to use sliders, wizards and check boxes instead of a team of programmers to get straight to the heart of the matter. You can execute multivariate and AB testing straight on your website – seeing and interacting with the tests just as your potential customers will – thanks to the intuitive, on-site interface. And all without the need for IT involvement. What’s more, web-based reports on the fruits of your multivariate and AB testing provide you with continual feedback on visitors’ reactions to your site, and the impact on your conversion rate, so that you’ll know exactly what action to take to optimize your website.

It’s generally agreed that AB testing delivers valuable data about which elements of your design, copy and graphics are dynamic and effective, and which are simply not getting the right results in terms of visitor engagement. The Conversion Suite facilitates continual execution of multivariate and AB testing of all elements of your website and over any online channel. After all, ongoing testing leads to ongoing improvement in your website, deeper interest from your visitors and an ultimate improvement in your conversion rate.

Dynamic, detailed multivariate and AB testing is essential when it comes to pinpointing the most – and least – successful content on your website. Multivariate and AB testing enables you to assess a visitor’s reaction to your site by allocating a value to each individual interaction they have with your website. Out of this data, the Conversion Suite’s testing tools gradually develop a profile that is increasingly robust and informative, measuring that potential customer’s engagement. With multivariate tests, it’s possible to assess a variety of detailed elements with fewer variations and smaller traffic requirements, while AB testing allows you to quickly and efficiently select the optimum design. An intelligent and flexible combination of multivariate and AB testing tools will help you to put your finger on your most compelling content, retain the interest of your visitors, and optimize your business.

Not only does the Conversion Suite provide an intuitive interface for designing and carrying out multivariate and AB testing, it also enables you to create audience segments and to target your content. To engage your potential customers, it’s essential for you to be able to quickly identify what combination of variations are the most relevant to them. Our website optimization tools execute tests on your content to pinpoint the text, graphics, special offers, campaigns, banners and promotions that lead to the greatest improvement for your business. With the knowledge you gain from multivariate and AB testing, you’ll be able to continually adapt your website, targeting the most appropriate content to different audiences. You’ll be able to create conditional rules to deliver personalized content to specific visitor segments.

By combining multivariate and AB testing with the Conversion Suite’s behavioral targeting and audience segmentation elements, it’s possible to execute tests solely on the relevant segment of visitors. Such intricate control eradicates the risk that you’ll lose business from other visitors during the test. Conducting tests separately according to different segments, and using the best-performing variation for each segment, reduces statistical errors and enables you to quickly and efficiently draw reliable conclusions. Integrating the Conversion Suite’s multivariate and AB testing with targeting and segmentation capabilities boosts your ability to create sharp and effective campaigns and helps you achieve the maximum possible conversion rate.

Key Features

  • On-site testing
  • No IT involvement
  • Thorough testing of entire website and across all online channels
  • Web-based reporting
  • Creation of detailed visitor profiles
  • Integration of tests with audience segmentation tools