Landing Page Optimization

Your homepage contains a whole mix of messages, best aimed at visitors who have already shown an interest in your business and who are prepared to click around – but for first-time users your homepage could present an information overload. For that reason, creating a landing page with one message and one goal could be the best way of grabbing the attention of those valuable new potential customers.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression – and that’s where the Conversion Suite’s landing page optimization tools come in, helping to ensure that those new visitors engage quickly with your business and that they remain interested. Our landing page optimization tools include visitor-recording capabilities, allowing you to monitor how potential customers are behaving on your landing page and helping you to measure the page’s impact. You can also ask your visitors what they think – via website-satisfaction polls for example – giving you valuable information that can help you achieve landing page optimization. In addition, the Conversion Suite’s landing page optimization tools enable you to personalize your landing page for different visitor segments, meaning that you can deliver the right message to the right audience. The Conversion Suite’s web analytics can provide everything from basic statistics to sophisticated reports that put you well on the way to achieving landing page optimization and making that first impression count.

  • Send your visitors to a relevant landing page
  • Evaluate your page with rigorous tests
  • Deliver a customized page to different visitor segments
  • Get web analytics feedback in real time

Your landing page appears after a visitor clicks on an online ad, email link, search result or promotional URL. It’s a crucial, first opportunity to persuade a visitor to become a customer, and that’s why landing page optimization represents an essential part of a successful marketing campaign. This page must have relevant content and engaging design, it must foster your visitors’ trust, provide answers to potential customers’ questions about your business and help increase your conversion rate. Landing page optimization means ticking all these boxes.

Having flashy graphics or littering the page with calls to action is not a great way of achieving landing page optimization. The Conversion Suite offers a range of robust tests that offer a much more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of your page. Landing page optimization testing takes the guesswork out of designing or improving your page. It’s possible to create more than one page to try out different options to determine the best subject headers, optimum text length and the right number of fields for a registration form, for example. After all, asking potential customers to provide personal details, such their name and phone number, in a registration form could be a valuable way of gathering data on potential customers, but asking for too many details could well put them off. To take another example, you may discover that a short and snappy piece of text on your landing page is the best way to grab the attention of potential customers, or you may find that you’re not providing sufficient details and that visitors are turning away because they simply don’t learn enough about your business to engage their interest. Landing page optimization tools can help you find the balance that gets you the best results.

Another way in which the Conversion Suite can test for landing page optimization is through its visitor tracking tools. Recording the clicks and mouse movements of your potential customers can give you a rich insight into what they want from your landing page and where they come up against problems that make them turn away in frustration. In addition, the Conversion Suite’s voice of customer tools can point you in the direction of landing page optimization, through site-satisfaction polls and page-based comments. For example, directly asking your visitors, “Did you find what you were looking for?,” can be an efficient and very effective way of finding out what potential customers think of your website. Attaining landing page optimization is much more simple when you know exactly what visitors want from your business when they come to your website.

Like much of the content throughout your website, your landing page is likely to have a much greater impact if it uses text, graphics, design and has a tone that are likely to appeal to a particular visitor segment. That’s why the Conversion Suite’s segmentation capabilities are also available to enable you to attain landing page optimization. Segmentation is usually quick and easy to implement on a landing page, with segments being automatically created according to the specific ad source from which visitors enter your website, enabling you to present customized content and special offers designed specifically to appeal to them. Speaking to your visitors in their own language is a key element of landing page optimization – and it also has great potential to improve your bottom line.

The Conversion Suite’s web analytics capabilities are also on hand to help you work toward landing page optimization. You can see visit information – within moments of a potential customer’s click on your website – for real-time data on your business and the impact of new content on your landing page. From basic statistics to robust, detailed reports, you can instantly segment the data with the Conversion Suite’s web analytics to help you understand the impact your landing page is having on your business – and how you can improve it.

Key Features

  • Registration form optimization
  • Optimization of text, graphics and design elements
  • Visitor tracking
  • Website-satisfaction polls
  • Page-based comments
  • Visitor segmentation capabilities
  • Web analytics reports