How does Conversion Suite differ from Google Analytics?

  • Conversion Suite has on-premise topology; you own the data.
  • Conversion Suite offers SEO, Voice of Customers, Behavioral Targeting and other modules that do not exist in Google Analytics.
  • Conversion Suite is known for its ease of use in implementing marketing and analytics services with technical resources.
  • With Conversion Suite, reports are always based on the full usage data, never on a sample of the data.
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Can I use Conversion Suite and Google Analytics simultaneously?


How can I extend my 30-days trial?

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements.

Can I use Conversion Suite for any website regardless of its environment/technology type?

Yes, Conversion Suite supports all website and environment types.

Is the Free Edition really free?

Absolutely! When you download and activate the Conversion Suite Free Edition, you begin with a cap of data points per month. If you exceed this cap, you will be asked to upgrade to a paid account by changing the product license key.

What is a data point?

A data point is calculated for each individual event tracked with Conversion Suite. For example, if you are tracking 6 events on a page, and 5 people visit that page, then you will send 30 events and use 30 data points.

What happens if I send more data points than my account allowance?

Conversion Suite never stops collecting and recording the events on your website. In the event that you surpass your license plan's limit: Conversion Suite's paid edition will notify you of the the need to upgrade your license edition via popup. Conversion Suite's free edition will request that you sign up for a paid edition that covers the amount of data you have collected. You will be unable to access to your reports until you purchase Coversion Suite.

Under which language does Conversion Suite work?

Conversion Suite currently supports four languages:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
It is quick and easy to configure the language type while running the Conversion Suite wizard. It is also possible to change the language type through the administration tab after the configuration has been completed. In addition, localizing of other languages is relatively simple and can be executed based on specific customer requests.

How is analytics information collected?

Conversion Suite tracks websites activity using a proprietary JavaScript code (capture mechanism). The tagging mechanism monitors user interactions within the browser, and offers a broad range of customization.

What type of integrations can be performed with the Conversion Suite API?

The API enables integration with various industry platforms such as: SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Active Directory, etc. In addition, the API also enables the execution of a complex set of services, which include functionalities such as administering system health checks, sending custom events, exporting and importing data, and running custom data queries.

Can I configure the solution for “Do Not Track Personal Information” for specific countries?

Privacy rules are one of the most significant issues in today’s online arena. These rules vary between countries and regions around the world. Conversion Suite enables you to activate/deactivate several tracking layers according to the specific geographic regulations. For further information, see Privacy Management.

How long do you retain data?

The length of data retention depends on your Conversion Suite account type. The solution provides four levels of accounts:
  • Free Edition – 6 months
  • Standard Edition – 1 year
  • Professional Edition – 2 years
  • Enterprise Edition – 5 years

Is the Live Chat a bot?

No. Once you have initiated a chat, your message is automatically sent to one of our online representatives. If no one is available to receive your chat, your message will be forwarded to our Help Desk team; You should expect a quick email reply, or a phone call within 24 hours.

Do you have a list of upcoming features?

We do not post our feature roadmap publically, however, if you have a feature request, you can submit an idea to our feature request list.

What is Intlock?

Intlock is the company that develops and markets the Conversion Suite. Intlock also provides other marketing and analytics solutions such as, the SharePoint Marketing Suite and CardioLog Analytics.