To truly understand your potential customers, you need hands-on experience of their objectives – and difficulties – when they click onto your website. When you have the ability to see every click and to track mouse movement made by your visitors, you can experience your business exactly as they do. With the Conversion Suite’s click tracking tools, it’s as though you’re sitting next to a potential customer as they explore your website. Armed with such invaluable insights you’ll be able to improve your visitors’ online experience of your business, optimize their progress through your website, and boost your conversion rates.?

The Conversion Suite’s click tracking capabilities give you the power to see what potential customers are looking for on your website, whether or not they find it, and where they come up against difficulties that could cause them to drop out of your website altogether. These tools will give you actionable information to help you ensure your website is as user-friendly as possible.

These cost-effective and easy-to-use tools open the door to a much larger return on your investment, and they operate in a behind-the-scenes way that won’t disturb your potential customers at all or have any noticeable impact on your website’s speed.

You’ll be able to view absolutely everything your visitors do on your website, and will also have the capability to carry out segmentation of your potential customers, allowing you, for example, to hone in on visitors who didn’t convert, to help you discover ways of changing that outcome.

  • Monitor each and every keystroke
  • Play back and assess visitor recordings
  • Focus on specific scenarios, such as successful conversions
  • Optimize the user-friendliness of your website

The Conversion Suite’s click tracking tools enable you to track mouse movement and clicks made by your visitors, helping you to visualize where customers convert, and how many of your visitors successfully complete your business goals. These click tracking capabilities offer feedback in real time, giving you the power to see which text, graphics, design or special offers make the biggest contribution to your business. You can even use existing data to automatically explore multiple conversion paths.

With the Conversion Suite’s capacity to track mouse movement, you’ll learn where your customers are lingering before making a decision on whether or not to buy a product. Click tracking tools can also reveal which pages and features result in the best conversion rates and which are most often abandoned. When you track mouse movement, you can also discover at what stage visitors leave the conversion process and identify any hurdles they encounter that cause them to turn away from your website. Such a mine of information will help you smooth out any problems and ease your customers’ progress through an optimized and user-friendly website.

Click tracking is an affordable, easy-to-use and accurate solution that only requires a small piece of JavaScript to be copied into your website. It needs no special technical know-how or equipment and enables you to track mouse movement and monitor every click that your visitors make.

To help you understand exactly how your website is being used, you can record, view and analyze full browsing sessions from all over the world. The ability to track mouse movement provides a detailed source of information – including every keystroke and scroll that your visitors make – enabling you to see your business through the eyes of your customers. With the Conversion Suite’s click tracking tools you’ll be able to follow detailed website navigation, form submission, online checkouts and everything in between, ultimately assisting you in improving your bottom line. What’s more, click tracking allows you to record all the time, so long as potential customers are visiting your site. You’ll discover that any feature of your website can be monitored and improved when you track mouse movement.

In addition to the broad scope of the Conversion Suite’s click tracking capabilities, our tools also include advanced filtering options. You’ll be able to hone in, for example, on recordings of specific visitors who didn’t complete the conversion process. With our click tracking tools you can define any scenario to find out who’s converting, who’s losing interest and turning away, and why. Accurately visualizing where your website is working, and where it might be letting you down gives you the opportunity to put things right, optimizing your potential customers’ journey through your website and massively boosting your chances of increasing your return on investment.

Traditional web analytics only reveal the pages that your visitors abandoned, but the Conversion Suite’s click tracking tools can help you discover the reasons. Our advanced filtering options mean you don’t need to trawl through hours and hours of recordings and can instead focus on those that fit in with your specific business scenarios. For example, with click tracking you can focus on potential customers who visited a certain page, see how far down they scrolled, and whether they converted. For even more detailed analysis, when you track mouse movement you can even concentrate on visitors who hovered over a certain link or button but didn’t click on it, or see where they lingered just before they decided to make a purchase. You can also distinguish between quick customers and those who take a while to get to the checkout, or between high- and low-paying customers.

Our click tracking tools offer visual feedback from your visitors in real time, so you can instantly see what content, features and page design are working best for your business. Your visitors will navigate your website as normal, while any monitoring and analysis you’re carrying out will be completely transparent. The Conversion Suite’s click tracking tools give you the power to study every movement while remaining invisible to your visitors and, crucially, without having any adverse impact on the performance or speed of your website.

Key Features

  • Click tracking
  • Mouse movement monitoring
  • Constant visitor-recording capabilities
  • Advanced filtering options